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 la foto 3Julia Allshouse – Is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, RYT-200 Vinyasa Registered Yoga Teacher associated with Yoga Alliance, and has completed her Anusara 100 hr Immersion Training based in Hatha Tradition. Julia’s philosophy is that Nutrition and Yoga is synergetic in creating overall wellness. She believes that the foundation of both aspects in one’s life can create a heightened vibrational nature, which enables joy, clarity, and the desire to transform. She is able to teach many styles from strenuous to restorative and understands Yoga as an energy-based healing art for the integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit. She brings to her unique themed classes a knowledge of the physical and the energy bodies combined with an understanding of the philosophy of Yoga and has the ability to adapt to individual needs. The insights and affirmations she shares come from both guidance from spirit and from her own experiences. Julia encourages her students to listen and lead from the heart, which gives them the opportunity to discover their inner teacher and pure potential.

Yes, that is right!! I am a passionate person who has always been enlightened by health and wellbeing. I have always been a curious person in asking, “How are they so happy all the time, what is their secret?” That is when I started exploring yoga, and getting involved in nutrition, and WOW! I actually started finding my Zen, who would have known, that these simple harmonious changes in my life, would have made me more comfortable in my own skin. I never knew that I could get to an addictive Utopia through nutrition and yoga. This ‘Utopia’ as I call it, is a sense of wellbeing that I never knew I could experience. It was all through the change (VIKARA!) within a lifestyle that has always been by my side but never got the attention it deserved. I will say this…..I truly feel that a lot of us are living a life feeling only half as good as we can really feel, and once an awareness of your body and mind is achieved through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, is where you can hit the ‘Utopia’ of your life! I have achieved this and want nothing more than to share my knowledge and guidance with YOU!!!!!


Chef Lucia - BioLucía Benitez is native to Mexico and has always been connected to nutrition and yoga. She spent 10 years in Spain doing executive marketing and during that time she was also engrossed in studying the art of cooking. When returning to Mexico City she continued her education by attending “El Cordon Bleu” receiving her diploma. Her future goal is to start her business called Corazon de Aguacate rooted in healthy cooking. She strives to educate people in creative ways on how to make healthy, tasty meals that friends and family will love. Her passion in cooking comes out within her recipes and her guidance as a teacher builds long lasting relationships. She is also a RYT-200 yoga teacher who has found her heart on the mat!

For Personal home group workshops you can contact her at: Lu@corazondeaguacate.com