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Vikara Wellness – Nutritional Cleansing Workshop

Now is the time to get the information you need concerning nutritional cleansing and how to take care of your body overall. I invite you to a Nutritional Workshop to discuss a more practical way of taking care of your body through gradual and manageable cleansing with natural whole foods and herbs.

1. Basic Overview of your bodies natural detoxification system
2. Juices vs. Smoothies
3. Cleansing РA Hybrid Approach (juices, smoothies, pur̩ed soups)
4. Schedule and Program included to start a cleans using whole foods – This Approach focuses on specific organs. (Liver, colon, kidney)

Time: 2 hr. Workshop
When: Nov 16th
From: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Health Counselor: Julia Allshouse
Minimum Needed: 4 people
Cost: 20$ or 250p

Contact: julia@vikarawellness.com

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