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Beneficios de La Yaca

Beneficios de La Yaca | Benefits of Jackfruit

Here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico there are many local fruit stands towards Sayulita that sell the beautifully large and weird looking Jackfruit. If you haven’t tried it, it’s time to, and it is time to include it as a part of your fruit consuming diet.

This Fruit has a strong flavor that literally combines all fruit flavors into one!  It is like a Tuttie Fruttie!!!  I use it in ice smoothies, or to create paletas or popsicles!

Paleta/Popsicle Recipe:

1. Buy Molds
2. Combine Jackfruit with a bit of water and a tad of honey in a blender. You could also add flaxseed, bee pollen, or a bit of fresh mint to spice it up!
3. Pour in Molds
4. Put in Freezer for about 3-5 hours. Done!

This is a fruit that literally combines all fruit flavors in your mouth at one time!  It is like a Tuttie Fruttie!


Baja presión arterial | Lowers High Blood Pressure

Fortalece el sistema inmunlógico | Strengthens Immune System

Afrodisiaco natural | Natural Aphrodisiac

Protege contra el cancer | Protects against cancer

Controla el asma | Controls Asthma

Apoya la digestion sana | Aids Healthy Digestion

Mantiene sana la piel y los ojos | Maintains Healthy Eyes and Skin

Sana el tiroide | Maintains a Healthy Thyroid

Previene la anemia | Prevents Anemia

Aumenta la energia | Boost Energy

Fortalecer Hueso | Strengthens Bone


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